Artist's Statement

Dara Larson works in drawing, printmaking, papermaking, digital imagery, installation and artist's books. Her work includes a focus upon the architectural and psychological conditions of urban dwellers and environments in relationship with nature. Many of the subjects of her work explore ideas of private and public space and the development of systems of communication between people.

She explores current ecology, city planning and building of real, composite and imagined cities. Larson is most interested in space, intuitive geometry, fractals, tessellation and compartmentalization. These interests are connected to observing patterns in both natural and manmade forms. Her work continues to develop connections to psycho geography and spatial identity. Much of the work depicts symbolic narratives and relies upon fusions of intuitive mathematical systems, natural phenomena and human interaction. The work examines controlled planning of natural and spiritual forces.

Larson has completed cultural and artistic research in Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and throughout the United States and Europe. Many elements of international travel research are used to depict diverse interactions between cultures and their organizations of and behaviors in natural or urban spaces.

Some of her exhibitions include: Confluence: a Group Exhibition, Shristi Gallery, India; Zombies, Ghosts and Other Citizens, Alverno College,Milwaukee; Gardens, Gods and Grids, Latino Arts, Milwaukee; Day of the Dead Community Altar Building, Milwaukee Art Museum; Wisconsin Saitama Art Exchange, Saitama Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan; City Squared-Intuitive Geometry, One Person Exhibition. Alverno College; One Person Exhibition, Anderson
Art Center, Kenosha; and Drawn In, Miller Art Museum, Sturgeon Bay.